Pumpkin Gnocchis

One of the characteristics of Italian cuisine is its freshness and its simplicity with few ingredients. One of my favorite dishes is the Gnocchis. If you want to enjoy cooking and surprise yourself, it is one of the simplest dishes with products available to everyone. In this vegan version of homemade Gnocchis, we make them with pumpkin and with a toasted touch on the outside to give a contrast of textures with its juicy and tender interior. We can accompany virtually any sauce we want. In my case I used a pumpkin seed pesto that had been left over from another day.


  • 500g cooked pumpkin
  • 100g wheat flour approximately
  • Homemade pesto
  • Salt
  • Laurel


  1. Peel the pumpkin and cut it into pieces to boil it in salt water.
  2. Once this soft take it out of the water and let it cool 15 minutes.
  3. Once cold, crush it with a blender or food processor, or even with a fork.
  4. Add the flour to the pumpkin puree and mix them until you get a dough.
  5. Depending on the moisture of the pumpkin puree you will need more or less flour. The amount of flour indicated is indicative. Add more or less flour depending on how sticky the dough is. Nor do we want to put too much flour so it doesn’t loses juiciness and tenderness.
  6. Sprinkle flour on the work table so that the curlers that you must make and cut do not stick together.
  7. The size of the Gnocchis is optional.
  8. Once the shape of the Gnocchis is made, boil them in a pot with salt and bay leaf. When you throw them they will go to the bottom of the pot and when they are ready they will rise to float.
  9. After boiling them heat a pan with oil or margarine, if it is infused with garlic or herbs better.
  10. Let them toast with medium high heat without stopping moving them to toast.
  11. Finally add a little of the pesto you like best to serve them or the sauce you prefer.

Curiosities about Gnocchis

Although the Gnocchis are one of the dishes par excellence of Italian cuisine, we can find similar dishes in Austria, Croatia, Poland and France, perhaps because their most remote origin is in the time of the Roman Empire. On the other hand we can also find them in the Southern Cone countries due to the strong migration of Italians or even in Somalia due to the colonial presence of Italy.
The use of the potato is a relatively recent innovation, which occurs after the introduction of the potato in Europe in the 16th century.

Origin of the word

The word gnocchi can be derived from the Italian word nocchio, which means wood knot, or from nocca, which means knuckle.


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